Viva Espana

I hate packing! It gives me anxiety which means I usually end up taking way too many clothes, shoes and medication for any possible misfortune or illness! How are you supposed to know what you will be in the mood to wear next Tuesday?! Or if you’ll have a headache or cystitis on Thursday?! 

This year I had to get organised as we were off for two weeks in sunny Spain with no extra baggage allowance for a second week! I definitely would’ve been paying the extra weight charge if I’d let my anxiety help out with the packing this year! The only way I could rationalise fitting my life in a 20kg suitcase for a fortnight was to imagine I was in work and building a trend into a package for a wall or fixture! 

Ok, so where would I start if this was work? A key piece, an essential item that could not get left at home that could inspire a capsule wardrobe. A colour story based on my key piece, outfit builds, day to night pieces and accessories! Other considerations being temperature and comfort. 

The key piece I chose had to be my (previously blogged about) Deep End Club “give a damn” t-shirt, obvz! “It’s from New York you know?”

So my colour story became black and white, and since I’d already bought two pairs of red sandals and a red pleated midi skirt for the summer, red became my highlight colour, along with accent tones of blush pink and cream. 

The prints I chose were polka dots and ditsy florals, teamed with cream lace detailing across tops and shorts and white broderie angles tops. I had block colours in black, cream, white and red to wear with my printed pieces, and black on black crocheted detailing to add texture. 

I packed several separates that I could mix and match so that I wouldn’t have to wear the same outfit twice! I took only one dress and one playsuit as I knew it’d suit me more to mix and swap pieces to make different outfits for the night and day. 

Well I guess the pictures speak for themselves! There are more over on my Instagram account including boomerangs of swishy skirts and windy hair! 


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