Glitter bugs

The stars and planets must’ve somehow aligned in my favour and brought The Maccabees to Cardiff for my birthday, (well the same week as my birthday) although they could not have lined up the universe majestically enough to make Orlando fall in love with me and whisk me away! But we did see Felix walk right by us and we were stood in front of Hugo for a while!

The Maccabees kicked off my birthday celebrations with my friend and I dining out prior to the gig. We opted for a build your own burger at Cardiff hipster hangout Buffalo. My lovely friend Sophie is a food blogger, but the food was nothing to write home about so I guess she won’t be posting about it! Our burgers didn’t even make it to Instagram!

In my last blog I mentioned that I was in this glam rock retro mood and I’d spent a weekend camped out in my living room watching Glastonbury. Being too much of a girl to bear the gross bathroom situ and no hair straighteners or wi fi for over 24 hours, going to a gig is the closest I’ll get to a festival!

This summer’s hottest festival trend has been glitter make up, not wanting to miss out on this, Sophie and I hit up Boots and got ourselves some glitter pots and a primer from NYX. After doing our research on YouTube and a home practice run, we were ready for getting sparkley for The Maccabees! Not wanting to walk around all day like glitter bugs we headed to the ladies in Buffalo and got stuck into the glittaaahhh!!!

We went for the cheekbone and eyelid area, not quite brave enough to go all out forehead and cheeks and unfortunately we couldn’t get hold of any star shapes or big chunky glitter.

I loved being a glitter baby! I want more excuses to be a sparkle queen!


pixie xo

snapchat: pixie_porch




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