Granny shoes


Mules, glove shoes, shiny silver space man shoes and the nanna sandal are cluttering up my Instagram feed and making appearances at my favourite stores. At first glance they look like the scourge of all the shoes! Maybe because I was young in the 1990’s when mules and kitten heels were the footwear of choice for Mum’s and Nan’s along with witchy boots and daps. Is daps a Welsh word? Val drove me mad every time she called my Nike air max, or converse “daps”. So, ok I’m not talking about daps, that’s for another day!


This 90’s shoe revival has not only got me thinking about how old I am getting but how we appropriate fashion from past decades and how quickly we then discard it as tasteless. I think this is what I kinda love about fashion though. Like you see something that was off the scale old fashioned and minging come back and think “Urrr no way Pedro!” But then you see more of it and realise the fun and irreverence in the way we aquire new fashion retrospectively. I feel I want to say it’s very postmodern of us, but I think it may be post-postmodern behaviour! Anyway, I’ve purchased a snazzy pair of silver boots Β from Office, they’re a bit David Bowie mixed with Cher from clueless.

I’ve also bought authentic Nanna sandals in red suede with a similar horizontal stacked mid heel as the space man boots from M&S, who I must say are slaying the high street right now! Zara are also currently killing it with the silver shoe trend, Topshop have cute pastel coloured mules and glove shoes, but I think Office have totally nailed the Granny shoe trend this summer.


I’m definitely going in for a glove shoe and a mule next! I’m style crushing on Rachel and Monica from friends lately! I want that grown up 90’s vibe going on! x



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